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Why Service at Dealership? | West Point Lincoln

West Point LINCOLN: Why Service at a Dealership

Why Service at West Point Lincoln?

Highly Trained Technicians

Though mechanics working in your local mechanic shop are more than qualified, the mechanics at dealership service centers take these qualifications to the next level. Each dealership mechanic is properly trained and certified, offering consumers a peace of mind that they can’t get at the local shop. Dealership mechanics also receive ongoing training while working for the service center, ensuring that their skills continue to grow.

Many mechanics at the dealerships have also gone through specialized training for specific makes of vehicles. This means that each job on that make is done correctly due to the technician’s advanced knowledge of the brand’s models.

Better Equipment

When you go to your local shop, it’s likely you won’t know where the equipment used to fix your vehicle came from. Dealerships typically have better equipment that comes straight from the manufacturer. Going to a dealership also ensures that you are receiving original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, rather than used or third-party parts that you might receive at your local garage. This is an important aspect of heading to the dealership for service because OEM parts are produced specifically for your vehicle by vendors that work in partnership with your car’s brand. OEM parts basically ensure that your car continues to run smoothly.

The Little Differences

There are also a number of little difference between a dealership garage and one of your local mechanic shops. For instance, a dealership is typically an established business, which means they have better—and sometimes larger—facilities than their competition. This typically means that customers will receive their service faster at a dealership.

If you need to get your car serviced soon, then it’s best to do so at West Point Lincoln’s service center. Contact us to set up your next appointment and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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